Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August 2013

Holy Guacamole it's August! I've linked up with Farley to get some August thoughts into the blog.

Listening: A friend told me about a band named Sparrow and the Workshop and I picked up their new album. They have been on repeat all week long. Such a fresh and relaxing sound. Check them out if you are interested. 

Loving: I am currently attending a 4 day writing workshop named The Writing Academy and I have been having "Ah-ha" moments all week long. This writing academy offers game changing writing instruction and they pamper all of the educators with FOOD and SURPRISES! It's like a teacher workshop heaven. Ha! Experiences like these get me so pumped to get back into the classroom.

Thinking: I cannot believe it's August. 
Summer 2013 was a good one but I am still shocked we are near the end. 

Wanting: Back in June I told myself "When I have 100 followers I am going to have an Oprah sized giveaway" Granted it's probably not going to be a new car but I plan to do my giveaways just like I teach...BIG! 
I checked Bloglovin' last week and discovered I had way over 100 followers! My little blog has readers and I appreciate your eyes balls and time very much. So I've set a new goal of readers to have and when it happens, I'm going to rock your world! 

Needing: I don't know about you but I'm the king of starting too many projects at once. I need to get myself focused and back into action. 

B2S must haves
1. My planner is my everything during the school year.
2. Positivity is the key to everything great. 
3. I always buy something new to write with and this year I purchased some Japanese FrXion markers. It's an erasable marker set! Trust me, they look as cool as it sounds! Jameson from Lessons with Coffee posted a video on instragram and I was sold! 

Happy August and let's get this new school year rollin'! Until next time...