Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day was a success!

Happy Valentine's Day! I just wanted to post some fun activities we did to celebrate the day of love!

In science, we are currently studying soil and there is no better way to learn than with food! So part of our "sweet" day was spent creating the different layers of soil inside of a cup.  While the students worked on their soil cups they also illustrated and labeled their own drawing of soil inside of their science notebooks. 

We also did a lot of fun writing activities from my Be My Valentine packet. It was a lot of fun talking about the history of the holiday and also having the students share their own definition of love. 
We also played Tell Me Something Good 
The students had a blast walking around the room and sharing positive messages with each other  They were so proud of their page after everyone signed. It was a lot of fun! 
Check out my heart page below.

Then there was this bag. Can we say "mustache-tic". 

Hope you all enjoyed this brief post. There was so much going on that day that I did not get to take all the photos I wanted. I will get better at that. Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! 

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